Just a little about me.

     I’m a journalist by profession, having started writing for a paycheck in 1956. While I enjoy that style of writing, I have also picked up on other styles. In addition to writing for newspapers, I have written broadcast copy, news releases and newsletters.

     Around 2008 I stared writing stories about my dogs. My husband and I had raised toy poodles and left us with many memories. I decided I’d put those stories on paper while my mind was still sharp. I didn’t want to forget their antics and what joy they gave us. I worked on it for nearly three years and then decided to publish my stories into a memoir.

     Shortly after that book came out, I had another idea. That was to tell the story of a friendship with a man I had worked with for more than 22 years and had stayed friends with for another 22 years. The two of us started telling our story. We told of how we covered major news events and some other activities that went on in a newsroom. And we told of things that happened after we had gone our separate ways, but still remained friends.

     I strive to write every day – whether it is a story for the weekly newspaper for which I work, or write something for my weekly writing group. I also advocate family history writing – putting the hand-me-down stories on paper before they are lost. That helps today’s youngsters get to know their ancestors.

     Not only do I write, I also read. I have a list of favorite authors and have read just about everything they have written and have also attended gatherings where they have spoken. My favorites are Richard Paul Evans, Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, Pat Conroy, and Debbie Macomber whose work is behind the TV program Cedar Cove, shot in and around Debbie’s hometown of Port Orchard, Washington, when I have relatives. And I also enjoy Cedar Cove’s spinoff When Calls the Heart.

     My favorite genre is nonfiction, at the moment. I also like historical fiction.

I have a lot of other interests. I am a sports fan – baseball, basketball, football, auto racing being among my favorite spectator sports. I never was much of a competitor, my talents weren’t that good. But I have done a lot of walking ‘for the health of it.’

     I also do volunteer work with Hands On Central Ohio, the volkssporting activity and the Kelton House, a stop on the Underground Railroad.